Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Welcome To - Yet Another Opinion

The Internet needs another opinion like Lindsay Lohan's arm needs another track. But that is exactly what this blog is - an opinion.

All of the time the opinions on the blog will be made by me, excluding the comments, and will based on what I know or feel. Every now and again I may do some research before posting - but usually not too often.

As this blog is going to be about 'whatever' there is no guarantee what the content within will be either. One day it may be about computers and the next day (or whenever I post) it may be about crack dealers and the rising price of crack.

Also the language on this blog will be exactly as I think it; and would say it. Sometimes I use cuss words. I don't use cuss words for any other reason than something pisses me off or I feel strongly about a particular subject.

For those that may be slightly interested I am the author that gave you the MJHDC blog, the Hoax News Network blog and created the characters Homeless Dave and Starving Marvin.

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