Friday, 4 January 2013

Photoshop Denim And Stitching

Recently I had need of a denim texture. I started by looking through loads of stock photos of denim; and even resorted to photographing some denim. Nothing seemed to fit the purpose. So I went a different route and created the denim texture; using the excellent tutorial from PSD Top - entitled "Realistic Denim Texture".

Realistic Denim Texture Tutorial

It is an easy to follow tutorial; with clear screenshots and descriptions. But as always I decided to turn the whole thing into an action; just in case I ever need to use it again.

So I share that action with you all; feel free to edit the action and tailor it (no pun intended) to your own needs:

Denim Background Action

While I'm at it I'll also mention, and link to, a set of brushes that I used. The 'stitch' brushes were created by DeviantArt user Boyingopaw who graciously shares them brushes - which can be downloaded:

Stitch by boyingopaw

As an example I created the following:

The lettering was created with the Impact font; and then on an empty layer the text was selected and then the selection turned to a path and finally the path was stroked with the stitch brush. It can be left there, and still look good, but I added a 1px bevel to the stitches (default bevel settings at 1px).

Hope it helps others.

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