Friday, 8 November 2013

Periodicals Parodied

In a recent post I did a mock-up of a Watchtower cover as a parody. And the first thing that was mentioned by a friend was the font was all wrong on the Watchtower text.

Looking at it he was totally correct. It was nothing like the actual text used. So I decided to see which font it actually was. The Internet let me down. Google had no worthwhile results and the few discussions about the Watchtower cover suggested Times New Roman which is what I had used and already knew to be wrong.

Luckily, has a page where you can submit an image and it will try to identify the font. I pulled the current Watchtower and Awake magazines in PDF format into Photoshop and copied the section of each cover with the text.

The results were:
  • Watchtower - URW Garamond Narrow Demi.
  • Awake! - Granby EF.
Both of these are commercial fonts. But I thought about people who may be searching for the same answer, if they 'Google it' they will either get either a font that costs or a suggestion that is incorrect. I went through some font websites I had bookmarked and looked for free alternatives. The results for free alternatives were:
  • Watchtower - Garogier (which can be downloaded here).
  • Awake! - GranbyElephantBQ Regular (which can be downloaded here).
The free fonts, in my opinion, look close enough for the sake of parody although if you have any friends who are heavily into typography they will tell you the differences the second you show them - mine did.

Created using Garogier and GranbyELephantBQ fonts

Note 1: No copyright infringement is implied. The purpose of this post is merely for parody.
Note 2: The blog header was updated to reflect the font change using the free Garogier font.

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