Thursday, 1 May 2014

International Disassociation Day

For one reason or another I was looking up weird and unusual days that happen every year. April 30, it turns out, is National Honesty Day and also Hairstyle Appreciation Day. Every day has at least something. That is every day except July 16.

I have no clue why July 16 sits empty and yet other days are crammed with 5 things going on. But I thought rather than let it sit all alone why not use it.

Hence, International Disassociation Day. July 16 is a great time to disassociate from the Jehovah's Witnesses. It means you get a good portion of Summer to live freely and enjoy life; and if your birthday just happens to fall on July 16 as well consider it a bonus.

I looked into who could create a day. And surprisingly anyone can:

"A truly 'National' day is literally an act of Congress and takes a lot of work. I checked into this issue with a company who wanted to create a national day and had the resources to do it. They decided it was 'too much work'. The first step is to contact your local congress person. Once you have their attention, you have to create the proposal and hopefully it will get onto the congressional agenda before too many years has passed. If you are intent on doing it and have the patience, it can be done.

Other 'Days' are created by companies, special interest groups, local governments, sports teams, and others by simply declaring it so. I include card companies in this category, especially Ecards. It seems some of these 'days' are created because there isn't anything going on a particular day, and the card companies need something for every day of the year. The vast majority of these are local, one-time events that do not capture much attention and are soon forgotten. Official or not, a number of these take hold, and show up year after year.

At least one individual or company has created a number of humorous 'days'. They created the day, copyrighted it (believe it or not, it's true), and then wrote a book describing them. These "days" were created simply for profit." (Holiday Insights - How To Create A Special Day)

So here goes a semi-official declaration declaring July 16 of every year: International Disassociation Day.

I hereby declare July 16 to be International Disassociation Day. It will be a joyous day that will allow those considering leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses a chance to do so with the knowledge that people all over the world will be doing the same.

This declaration, and blog posting, should be considered as an 'Intellectual Property' style copyright notice; Which in itself does not require a formal copyright application or filing.

There, simple. Declare the day, copyright it, and now let everyone enjoy it. Heck, people can organize parties and disassociate themselves from the Jehovah's Witnesses in style.

For those of you wondering - the book will be out later this year (just kidding).

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