Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Spoonful Of Sugar

Ever watch some advert for some wonder pill that will cure everything and then see the side effects are worse than the original illness.

Antidepressants are the classic case. Every single advert trying to push their product to cure depression lists suicide as a possible side effect. I have no clue how the hell that even works, does it mean you can kill yourself and die happy? Who in their right mind (sorry, that pun was not intended it just happened) would want to get rid of depression to replace it with suicidal tendencies?

And it gets worse. There is a drug called Propecia, that is used for reversing male hair-loss. So what is the worse that can happen? Maybe it doesn't work and you stay bald. No, that would actually be a great outcome. One of the possible side effects is an affliction called 'gynecomestia'. No clue what that is? It is the term for men developing fully functional mammary glands (the proper name for breasts) that lactate. So you may have a full head of hair, but should you ever go to prison you could be one of the most popular inmates.

If you have restless leg syndrome then you could be tempted to take a prescription of Mirapex. But if you do keep an eye on your bank account balance. Not because the medicine is so expensive but because taking Mirapex has been known to cause people to start compulsively gamble. Your legs may be still as you sleep at night but you won't get much sleep as you fall deeper and deeper in debt while you gamble.

So, if you started with restless leg syndrome, and took Mirapex you could end up with a gambling problem that could lead to depression. For the depression you take any one of the SSRI antidepressants that leads to suicidal thoughts. This results in more and more worry and you start to lose hair. You start taking Propecia and before you know it you have fully functioning, lactating, breasts.

Maybe the restless leg syndrome wasn't so bad after all.

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