Friday, 16 December 2011

Laugh - You'll Die Anyway

Death. Many fear it; seeing it as the end of their life. But should they?

I mean seriously the best thing that can happen to a God-fearing Christian is death. They die and they end up at Heaven; which is what they are wanting. Even the Satanists are covered. They die and up in Hell; where they can worship their demonic master for an eternity. Its win-win all round really.

Atheists on the other hand. Well, they are just fucked. They die it's over, the end, no more, the grand finale. These are the ones that should be worried about death. They go no place to go or expectation of anything to happen. They don't even have the Catholic Purgatory where you hope that some priest is going to pray for you before God tosses a coin to decide if you get the upper or lower level.

Now, if you have to pick a religion, you should go with Hinduism. Because Hindus die and get reincarnated. The best you could for hope really. Die and come back. But there is a downside to reincarnation - karma. Hinduism teaches that every action has a reaction and the force determines one's next incarnation. Which roughly means what you do in your life will have effects on your next life when you are reincarnated. But the Hindus don't want to be reincarnated. To them, as this is how I read it, reincarnation is actually not that good; and only when you have attained liberation and end the cycle of life and death you are absorbed in perfect peace.

If I got a shot at reincarnation. I'd come back as me just to fuck with people. Because everyone who knows you will know you died. But then a few days later you are back as you. You'd be hailed as some sort of Messiah and free to do what you want. Or as this world goes you'd be classed as mentally unfit and left to rot away in some institution drooling on the wicker basket you are making.

"Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes." - Benjamin Franklin

So we are all going to die. So why waste the precious little time you actually have on the planet (unless you are a bad Hindu where you get another go) worrying about something that is pretty much guaranteed to happen. Just enjoy life and when it comes to an end make sure you have no regrets.

Note: No disrespect is meant to any of the mentioned religions. This whole post was typed on the basis of what some woman at the supermarket mentioned about 3 years ago; just before the police handcuffed her and lead her off.

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