Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Dumping GoDaddy?

Tomorrow is the official "Dump GoDaddy Day" because GoDaddy supports SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Well, that is what the headlines of today are reading; which is actually wrong seems GoDaddy already dropped their support.

Seems that the major news media didn't pay too much attention to the news that posted yesterday where GoDaddy announced their withdrawal of support for SOPA. In the article it states that Warren Adelman, CEO of GoDaddy, tweeted "We listened to our customers. GoDaddy no longer supports SOPA" on December 23, 2011.

And is it all that bad that GoDaddy did support SOPA? After all their business is web hosting. And the way the law stands in the U.S. (as GoDaddy is based in Scottsdale, Arizona) they have to be concerned that any piracy which may be hosted by them could lead to GoDaddy being prosecuted. They are in all essence just taking care of business.

With companies suing ex-employees over Twitter accounts and the way the U.S. law seems to allow just about any crazy lawsuit to go through it would be wise for GoDaddy to support SOPA. Because this time next year because Mr Smith is hosting the new Britney Spears album; GoDaddy will most likely end up in court on some multi-million dollar lawsuit.

As I see it, GoDaddy is doing nothing more than protecting their investment in their company. Are we expected to boycott the little corner shops that install cameras to protect their product because such installation is infringing some human rights?

I, personally, do not support SOPA. But then again I am not running a web hosting company. Yes SOPA is wrong but at the same time the companies that are hosting websites and the such need to protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits. I feel what GoDaddy should of said is that they support the idea of SOPA but would like to see certain changes implemented.

SOPA needs to be stopped - that is for sure. But at the same time something needs to be done to protect the hosting companies. So maybe the government could hold off on SOPA and actually discuss it with the people that count - hosting companies, Electronic Freedom Foundation, and people in the technical field. Rather than have a team of lawyers, with little technical expertise drawing up a technical law.

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  1. According to the figures - 27,000 joined GoDaddy on 'Dump GoDaddy Day' while only 14,000 actually left.

    Maybe people realized that companies that were still supporting SOPA were worth more of an effort than GoDaddy.

    Figures came from:


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