Sunday, 5 February 2012

Blog To PDF

I hate to advertise a service on a blog. But every now and again a service comes along that is so good you feel it your 'civic' duty to tell others, who may not know about it, all the details; especially when that service is free (although donations are accepted).

As the title says it is about exporting a blog to a PDF file. Now the blog I wanted to convert to PDF was another blog of mine; which is also a Blogspot blog.

So the first thing to do is export the blog. Which in Blogspot is found in Settings > Other > Export Blog. What you will receive is an XML file of your entire blog. As the warning says it does NOT delete your blog just makes a backup of it.

That is all you need to do on Blogspot.

Then head over to to complete the conversion. You will need to choose Blogger (Blogspot) and one screen comes up. This bit is so easy anyone can do it.

  • Choose the XML file you downloaded when you exported your blog.
  • Type your blog URL (e.g.
  • Set the the date range (the default is everything).
  • Set paper size.
  • Set language.
  • Set font & size.
  • Select what you want in your book (TOC, Comments, Numbering, etc.).
  • Click the button "Create Your Blogbook".

That is it. Then just patiently wait. My blog XML file was 10.4MB and took a total of 2-3 minutes; and resulted in a 1014 page PDF file with all graphics and links.

And that is it. You are done. Now, no matter what, you can read your blog from any device which will display a PDF file. Or fi you want you can edit the PDF file and tweak it to your heart's desire.

And it is not just Blogger (Blogspot) blogs. It will also handle WordPress and LiveJournal blogs too. And if you want you can use the BlogBooker service to send a hard copy book to a friend.


  1. Hello

    The converter is not working for Blogger anymore. I have tried several times with my blog.
    BY the way there is other website (but not as good as BlogBooker) (not always working >> bugs with some blogger blogs.

  2. Bonjour Tomate Joyeuse, I just tried it on this blog and everything went through OK. The link I'm using is:

    I did read a few people had issues with larger blogs, and custom templates, but nothing I could recreate. It took the MJHDC blog and that is now at 11MB.

    1. Bonjour ! I sent an email to the adm of Blogbooker. He told me that there were some problems with one of my article (code). So I can convert my blog into pdf only from 2011. I should try a minima template and convert my blog.


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