Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Who Is Supporting SOPA?

Today various sites around the Internet are 'blacking out' in protest at the proposed United States bill H.R.3261.IH, more commonly known as Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

But if everyone is against it then who is supporting it?

The movie and music industry. No, seriously. Let me explain.

The bill was introduced by Congressman Lamar Smith, a Republican from Texas. Now if you head over to which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, research organization that reveals money's influence on politics. and check out Congressman Lamar Smith.

Maplight Page For Lamar Smith

Between 7/1/2009 and 6/30/2011 Lamar Smith received $133,000 from the TV, Movies, and Music industry. Which is just short of a years worth of the Congressman's salary of $174,000.

Now, it makes sense that the TV, movie, and music industries would support SOPA; as it is all about blocking websites with illegal copyrighted material. But when you look deeper in to Lamar Smith's funding over the last two years it gets a bit more worrying.

List Of Contributions To Lamar Smith 2010/2012

As you go through the list of Lamar Smith's election contributions for 2010 and 2012 you notice some big players: - $3,000
AT&T Inc. - $10,000
Charter Communications - $2,000
Cisco Systems - $5,000
Comcast Corp. - $10,000
Dell Inc. - $6,000
Ebay Inc. - $2.000 - $4,000
Google Inc. - $12,000
Intel Corp. - $6,500
Microsoft Corp. - $5,000
Oracle Corp. - $3,500
Symantec Corp. - $3,000

TOTAL - $72,000

The Internet, and various computer related, companies don't need no help to kill themselves. They are already paying enough.

But, on the list, you'll notice Google Inc. who gave Lamar Smith $12,000. Yet today they cover their Google logo allegedly in support of the anti-SOPA protest. Although some may say it is from shame; a symbolic lowering of the head.

And let us not forget Mr Lamar Smith. He has already been accused of breaking the proposed SOPA laws.

Lamar Smith SOPA Violation

Lamar Smith's official website was using an image in violation of the copyright attributed to it. Nice to know the rules are only for the people who don't make them.

But before everyone gets too carried away with blacking out websites why not actually contact the various computer and Internet related companies asking them to publicly state they will no longer support Lamar Smith's election campaigns on the principal that he is attempting to destroy the very medium that makes the majority of the companies successful?

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