Sunday, 26 February 2012

World War III

With all that is going on around the world it may seem that World War III is just around the corner; and with it comes the possibility of a nuclear war.

Countries around the world are condemning the killings in Syria; while they wait with bated breath to see what is happening in Iran with regards to nuclear weapons. And to mix it up a little; some are concerned that North Korea may be a problem in the coming months.

You only have to look at the news to see that peace doesn't really stand a chance. But is an all-out nuclear war a real possibility?

Not really. As every one of the world leaders  knows the first person to launch a nuclear weapon, in war, will start the beginning of the end. And once it is started there will be no turning back. And, luckily, nobody wants the title of 'leader that ended the world as we know it'.

Why then is nuclear war seeming such a threat?

Because although nobody will start World War III; world leaders throw the threat around. Recently, Vladimir Putin, who is hoping to be elected once again in Russia, said that the United States, if they felt the need to interfere, should not turn Syria in to a military battle; but should, if they have to, be diplomatic about their approach on Syria. He then went on to dismiss claims, from the United States, that Russia had no nuclear weapons.

No real threat. But the undertones are there. It can be read that what Putin is basically saying is if the United States invade Syria then Russia will intervene; and by the way we have nuclear bombs.

And they do. Russia has an estimated 13,000 nuclear warheads. The United States have an estimated 9,000. Other countries have nuclear warheads too; including United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel.

Which begs the question - Why worry about Iran making nuclear when everyone else has them?

The loudest argument I have heard against Iran is that their leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is unstable; along with the political makeup of the country.

But, surely, that is no reason for them to not have nuclear weapons. If that was the case; when George W. Bush was President of the United States why was there no similar call for the United States to disarm?

It is nothing more than a playground mentality on a global scale. A few countries stand in one corner, as the 'cool kids', and do their thing. But when another country, 'the loner', does the exact same thing all of a sudden it is not cool.

Metro Detroit, Michigan, has had 42 homicides so far; in the first 2 months of 2012. The United States had, as a whole, a total of 18,361 reported homicides in 2011. With the individual state budgets being cut there will be less police this year than last year; so the 18,361 reported homicides last year will be higher this year. More will go unsolved as a result of cuts in police departments across the country (last year, 2011, as many as 6,000 reported homicides remained unsolved).

Surely the United States should be spending more fixing their own problems first; rather than running around the world trying to fix the problems of every other country.

Yes, be concerned. Yes, be disgusted. Yes, offer diplomatic advice. But don't be wasting money trying to fix the world's problems when the money could be better spent at home; fixing your own problems.

This is not an anti-US statement. The same can be said for the European countries too. France, Germany, and the United Kingdom are pouring money out to help other European countries. Once again it is a noble gesture; but all three need to fix their own problems first.

It is happening the world over. Everyone is try to fix everyone else's problems; and ignoring the problems that they have existing in their own country.

My advice, which is based on my own opinion, to some of the world leaders is this:

United States, President Obama - Stop sending military personnel all around the world to attempt to appear as a 'Global Leader'. The United States has its own problems. Murder rates are rising out of control while the police forces are cut. Medical care is in absolute shambles; people should not have to decide if they can afford medical care to save their lives. The economy of the United States is still in the toilet; it needs to be worked on. You need to spend time considering the country that elected you. 1 in 3 children in the United States go to bed hungry. Money wasted by the military could be used by the economy to help the next generation of young Americans.

All these things, and many more, need to be fixed at home before worrying about policing the rest of the world.

United Kingdom, Prime Minister Cameron - Pull the United Kingdom out of the European Union. Britain was once a proud country that managed itself. Currently anything decide in the United Kingdom can be overruled, and overturned, at the European level. Britain needs to look after Britain. The British justice system is a joke. Punishment for crimes would be laughable if the subject was not so serious. In a recent murder case a man found guilty by a jury was given 7 years for taking a life. 7 years is a joke; albeit not a funny one. Unemployment benefits need to be sorted out. Yes, the proposed 26,000 pound per year cap is a step in the right direction; but more needs to be done. Never should claiming unemployment benefits be a more financially sound option than working. Unemployment benefits should be a safeguard for the people not an option. Curb immigration. Last year 250,000 immigrants made the United Kingdom their home. As a small island there is only so much room. Overcrowding leads to bigger problems; such as crime and poverty.

Argentina, President Fernandez - Leave the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) alone. You claim that Britian is merely holding on to them as a last ditch effort of colonialism but want to force the islanders to be Argentine. The Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) have their own government, and their own way of life, let the islanders decide rather than being hypocritical and using historical colonialism to decide their fate. Enter talks with the United Kingdom, and the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) government; and get a referendum vote for the islanders. Let the people decide and then no matter what the outcome Argentina and the United Kingdom will have to abide by the decision of the people who actually matter; the islanders themselves. Constantly harping on about the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) with a questionable history will not hide the fact that the base income rate of 22% is expected, according to analysts to rise to 30% or more this year.

Russia, President Medvedev - Stop allowing threats of nuclear war to be used. You will never use them as it would be an all-out war; and the end of mankind as we know it. People in Russia are starving to death while billions of Rubles are spent on the military. Don't be so insecure. Nobody will start the third and final world war. Improve your country as a whole and not just the military. The Russians were proud people admired across the world; but how can you remain proud when your own people starve while missiles are built? Never put war before your own people.

North Korea, General Jong-Un - Nobody cares how powerful you think your military is. The only thing the world sees is a dictator living the high life while the very people he is meant to care for starve and live in fear and poverty. Your father, Kim Jung-Il, was a heartless bastard (sorry, but there is no denying the facts) that forgot his people. Don't follow the same path. Having your own people's love and respect as a caring leader will leave a legacy that erases that of your father; and will remain for generations and generations.

World, All World Leaders - Talk. Military action and sanctions against a country just does not work. Sanctions do not harm the people in governments that make decisons; it harms the citizens of the country. If a country refuses to talk then join with other countries and all talk until they have no option but to talk. Killing, and war, should never be the answer; let alone the first answer to everything.

Every single person on this earth is just one person. Nobody has more right than the next. Race, nationality, religion, gender, and status are merely labels and mean nothing. We are all one.

What is the point of being a world leader when there is nobody to lead?


  1. The playground analogy is quite a fitting one here and I like to use it myself when discussing these matters. I also agree in so far that the leading countries should tidy up their own sandpit before they go over to the big park.

    Do you think this "we are all one" conviction is shared by many non-western cultures ?
    For example how does the sharp distinction drawn by the muslim weltanschauung between the 'House of Islam' (Dar al-Islam) and the 'House of War' (Dar al-Harb, tellingly also called 'House of the West) fit into your scheme ?

    So finding a mutual basis for talks isn't always easy when in terms of values they simply don't have enough in common.
    Can a global consensus ever be reached, when we think of the seemingly insurmountable differences between some cultures, religions and ideologies ?

  2. Hi JMseesMJ,

    I agree that there are vast differences around the world; but at the same time there are things that should be common to the whole of mankind no matter what their race, religion, or nationality.

    I'm not suggesting it would be an easy process by any means. It will be a long process that if started now this generation may not see come to completion. But a start has to be made somewhere.


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