Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The World Went Soft

Reality TV begging for sympathy. Hoarders is a classic example of why mankind is failing. Someone has a family member die and by some weird way of thinking this gives them the right to use plastic bags as a toilet; and store 2 years worth in the bathroom. No, using a plastic bag as a toilet is not a mental disease it is just plain laziness. The majority of people on Hoarders are just plain lazy. And then when confronted they have to lie like a politician. But the psychiatrist who is supposed to be helping never really just lays in to the hoarder. The average first conversation should go like this:

Psychiatrist: So when did you realize you were a pig?
Hoarder: What?
Psychiatrist: When did you think it was alright to pile a ton of garbage in the kitchen so you didn't have to cook for your kids?
Hoarder: Well, it all happened just after my mother died.
Psychiatrist: So your mother dies and you instantly decide instead of dealing with the grief you'll pile a ton of crap throughout your house?
Hoarder: I didn't know how to cope.
Psychiatrist: And all this garbage is going to bring her back?
Hoarder: No.
Psychiatrist: Exactly. We have a team coming in that are going to clear all this junk out. Get in the way and I'll report it to the city and have you evicted.
Hoarder: That is a bit harsh.
Psychiatrist: Life is harsh. You are a pig. And to be quite honest all this roach-infested crap has to go. You are a menace to your family, community, and country. You disgust me.

But it never goes like that; and most likely never will go like that. The only people I have ever felt sorry for is the kids that cannot have friends over because their parent, or parents, are too lazy to tidy up.

One thing I have noticed though is that every single hoarder, no matter how many tons of pure filth they have piled up, manage to find a place to set a computer up. Be it a laptop, or some beige no-name desktop unit, they all have one. What the hell for? Do they Google various household cleaning hints? No. Do they Google local garbage removal companies? Obviously not. They all sit on Facebook, hooking up with hoarders all over the world, so they can all post pictures of their crap and other hoarders can click the damn 'like button' to make them feel that are not scum and should be ashamed.

And that is the thing. These people shouldn't be trying to hold on to some old Budweiser beer can that they drank out of 5 years ago. They should be ashamed of themselves and ashamed of what they have put their family through. But no, not on Hoarders, they are displayed on TV so they can be pitied.

Usually straight after Hoarders you get what could be the best reason for a remote control to have an off button. Intervention. The whole premise of the show is that some alcoholic or drug addict thinks they are making a documentary and at the end they get the chance to go to some clinic to get cleaned up.

You would have to be drunk or completely wasted to not realize it is Intervention. And while we are at it can we stop calling alcoholism and drug addiction a disease? A disease is something like cancer, you don't ask for it but it just happens. Putting a gallon of vodka down your gullet is not a disease. Sticking a needle full of drugs, usually mixed with at least 50% of household cleaning supplies, in your arm is not a disease. They are both choices.

But it isn't the TV companies fault. Its the people who watches fault. Millions each week sit there and feel sorry for these hoarders and addicts. But nobody forced them to store a ton of crap, drink themselves stupid, or inject household cleaners into their veins. It was all done by choice.

And why are people meant to feel sorry for these people? Because the world has gone soft. I will feel pity for the little kid who no fault of his own has cancer. I will feel sorry for the little dog who through no fault of his own is abused and ends up in a shelter.

But I will not waste an ounce of sympathy on someone who decided that drinking themselves into oblivion on a daily basis may die with their next drink. Or some junkie is may overdose from putting some crap in their arm. And I sure as hell won't lose any sleep because some lazy cow is too lazy to tidy up her own house.

As I see it, there is so much happening in the world that sympathy should be rationed out to those that actually deserve it.

Hate if you want. But it is just my opinion.

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