Friday, 26 July 2013

Photoshop Flag Gradients

I was looking for a particular gradient. I couldn't find it so I created it. As always instead of just doing the one custom gradient I needed, I went in to overkill and created a load of gradients based on flag colors for countries around the world.

I based the colors on the following picture:

And came up with the following 88 gradients:

I'm not entirely sure how useful they are to everybody, but in the interest of sharing I decided to put them up. Although they all use the colors of the various flags they are merely gradients and do not represent the design of each individual flag.

The gradients can be downloaded here: Photoshop Flag Gradients.

They can be used in the usual method of selecting the gradient tool, and loading the .grd file, or by placing the .grd file in the gradient preset folder.


  1. very boring website

    1. I'd like to say I'm sorry you feel that way but in all honesty I can't. It is the internet you don't like something then feel free not to go there.

    2. LMFAO nice response

      I was searching 'country flag colours gradient' out of curiousity for why flags all have flat colours and not gradients or anything. still have no idea but FYI yours was first link who knows why lol


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