Monday, 15 July 2013

Polaroid Template For Photoshop

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking: "There are almost a billion Polaroid templates and brushes so why not just use one of them?"

It is a fair enough thought. But I did use a couple of them and while using them something just did not look right. And it was the measurements.  So that is why I created yet another Polaroid template - because I wanted one which was the correct dimensions. So after measuring a real Polaroid photo I ended up with the following dimensions:
  • Overall Width - 3.5000"
  • Overall Height - 4.2500"
  • Top Border - 0.1875"
  • Bottom Border - 0.8125"
  • Left & Right Border - 0.2500"
I don't know if these dimensions change depending on the various cameras but this was one I had which was taken in the early eighties.

It is nothing ground-breaking by any means, It is just a PSD comprising of 5 layers:
  • Background
  • Artwork
  • Tint
  • Frame
  • Coffee Stain
The coffee stain layer was just something I threw in there, turn it on or off or delete it as you wish.

The template can be downloaded here: Polaroid Photoshop Template

Polaroid Template

And with a few clicks it can look like:

Template with photo, text, drop shadow, and coffee stain moved
And that is it.

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  1. Good stuff! Also, for anyone looking to use Photoshop to turn photos into polaroids (polaroid frame around photo), check out this quick Photoshop Action: Polaroid Photoshop Action


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