Saturday, 2 November 2013

Coffee Or A Motor Home?

Starbucks sells approximately 4,000,000 cups of coffee a day in the United States. Based on a 24-hour day that is an astounding 166,666 cups an hour. Or 2,778 cups a minute. Or if you really want to get specific it is 46 cups of coffee every second of every day.

The average price of a cup of  'standard' coffee at Starbucks is $2.50. Which calculates at $115 every second. Or $10,000,000 a day. Or for those really wanting to know $3,650,000,000 a year. Or for those that really have nothing better to do than look at zeros it is $36,500,000,000 over a decade. Yep, $36.5 Billion over a decade.

But what if you just care about your own coffee costs. Well for starters it is a 5-day week, which will weigh in at $12.50 per week. Now, if you have 4 weeks of vacation that means you are spending $600 a year on 240 coffees.

If you start work at 18 and carry on until you retire at 65 you have 47 years of work in you. If you have a coffee every day and the price never goes up (fat chance of that) you will spend $28,200 on coffee.

But that is just the morning coffee on the way to work. But what if you get a snack every lunch, and have an after-work drink at the end of each day?

The average fast food lunch is going to cost you $5.50 a day. $1320 a year. For your whole career you kiss goodbye to $62,040. And that much needed after-work drink is going to cost you (if you drink a beer) $4 a day. 47 years later you will have spent $45,120.

Add it all up and for your whole career you have spent $135,360.

Instead of being addicted to caffeine, a few pounds heavier, and wasting a couple of hours each week at Alcoholics Anonymous you could have purchased something to enjoy your retirement in:

And still had $18,000 for gas.


  1. Always a good idea to make some calculations for the future.

    Here is another one. If you'd quit smoking about half way through your working years, at age 41, you could buy a brand new little luxury car as an nice add-on for ultimate flexibility and have a whopping 23,392 $ left for the gasoline jar...

    Should you decide to continue smoking, no worries you'd still be able to make use of that ramp ... with your wheelchair.

    Just my 2 cents. You can throw them into that jar if you like : )

    (Calculation is based on the average US price for 20 cigarettes, 6.7 $, if one pack is smoked per day and on the base price for the 2014 MINI "John Cooper Works" Convertible)

    1. Or, and this is not recommended, smoke more and get a good life insurance policy. You may not be able to benefit from this one but I am sure family and loved ones will support the idea. Well, they did when I suggested it. :)

      Me, I'm going to continue smoking, and then when I hit 65 I'll sue the big tobacco companies. That way my smoking works out as a retirement saving plan. Also not recommended.


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