Sunday, 3 November 2013

Scrabble Tiles For Photoshop

I downloaded some PNG files of Scrabble tiles to use. They were all a nice size (1000 x 1000) but the quality was so bad they were just not usable.

So I ended up making my own. They are not 3D objects, but with the shadow they served the purpose.

They are not the best but where I used them they look just right (I only used the wooden ones, the plastic texture and metal texture were just for fun). But in the interests of sharing I present them here. The actual tiles are 300 x 300 @300dpi. They are built from layers with the letters and number values being grouped layers. The font used was News Gothic Standard, although I believe there is a rounded version which would be more accurate.

Anyway, here they are, enjoy and use them however you see fit.

The PSD file can be downloaded here: Scrabble Tiles.

If anyone cares the wooden texture is actually Vermont Maple which the proper tiles are made from.

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  1. I downloaded the PSD and it must be in some "advanced" format because Photoshop Elements (10) opens it showing folder icons for the Numbers, Letters and Tiles, but I can't open them. I don't think PsE has "groups". And on the right it has an icon that says "Non-Editable Adjustment" when I hover over it. I found the answer here: (there are some free and cheap add-ons to allow PsE to access groups)


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