Friday, 28 February 2014

New Union Jack

On September 18 this year the Scottish people will have a chance to become an independent country. But one of the most important facts has been forgotten - they are part of the Union Jack.

At present the Union Jack flag representing the United Kingdom is a combination of:
  • The St. George Cross - England
  • The St. Andrew Cross - Scotland
  • The St. Patrick Cross - Ireland
If Scotland decides to become an independent country surely they will fly the Scottish flag and the United Kingdom should remove the St. Andrew Cross sections from the flag.

But now is the opportunity for Wales to jump in and get in on the action. And get the St. David Cross featured on the Union Jack. Take the blue of Scotland out and replace it with black from the St. David Cross.

Some will say, why not just remove the blue and leave it as is? You could but in all fairness to Wales it is about time they got in on the act.

The United Kingdom doesn't actually rule Ireland, it is an independent country. The United Kingdom only has Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is 5,345 square miles and Wales is 8,022 square miles (both figures obtained from Wikipedia). The population of Northern Ireland is 1.81 million people whereas the population of Wales is 3.06 million people (once again figures from Wikipedia).

With Wales being larger than Northern Ireland and having more people it stands to reason that they should be represented on the Union Jack. So if Scotland become independent it is the perfect opportunity to switch the blue to black; and include Wales who remain with England on the Union Jack.

Union Jack - With Wales Represented

But there is one problem. All the countries that have the Union Jack as part of their flag will need to change too - such as Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.

It is just a thought.

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