Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Adding Images To MP3 Files

For those that don't know I dabble in making mashups. Nothing professionally done just using Audacity - cutting and pasting acapellas and instrumentals together. They are completed under the moniker of "Badly Done Mashups" and have their home on HearThis and a blog as well.

Someone got in touch with me and asked why I bother to do a cover for each mashup and yet fail to embed it in the actual MP3 file. They downloaded one of my mashups (Riders On A Black Horse) to their iPod and the cover with Jim Morrison and KT Tunstall never went across with the MP3 file.

I'll admit I never thought about MP3 players so never bothered to embed the cover that went along with the mashup. I loaded one of the mashups into VLC and spent two minutes staring at the default cone. So I decided to see what would be the easiest way of adding the artwork to the MP3 file. I had tried in the past for something else and instead of allowing individual artwork it was the same album cover for all the tracks.

It took a total of 8 seconds on Google to find a program called EasyTAG and it was in the Ubuntu repositories (it is also available for Windows). So I installed it via the command line:

sudo apt-get install easytag

The usual ID3 tags.

You can add multiple images if you want.

And how easy is it to use? Simple. Everything is clearly laid out, and clearly labelled. Now if I release a mashup without artwork it is just because I forgot.

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