Thursday, 8 January 2015

If I Was God: One Religion

Raise your hands in the name of Unumism

With things getting sorted out its time to make possibly the most important change.

The name.

Christianity is all fine and dandy for people who want to worship a man called Jesus Christ, but it doesn't even have the name God in it anywhere. You don't order a pint of beer by asking for a pint of water. You don't see Superman flying around with a 'W' on his chest for Wonder Woman. So why should you worship God with some religious organization that does not even bear his name?

Godism seems like the obvious choice. But all the Muslims will be screaming "jihad" because the name Allah is not in there. Buddhists will be throwing bowls of rice all over the place because Buddha gets no mention. Jehovah Witnesses will be running to the Supreme Courts whining about persecution because Jehovah didn't get in. The list goes on and on.

Creationism seems like it would work as it covers all gods; and just says a god created everything. But that is already in use.

So without further ado, the name of the religion that worships God, and any other God by a different name will be: Unumism.

Unumisim is derived from the Latin term "in unum" meaning "The one"; and the "ism" was added to make it look like a religion rather than just a statement. And it covers everyone, because it says that God is "the one". And practicing Unumism is worshiping God and not having a name that says to worship his son who is him as well - as a bonus that confusion gets cleared up too.

Nice and simple. Now everyone can stop killing in their God's name and join the whole idea of unumism and all worship just the one god.

Definition: Unumism - noun, A religion that says there is one who created everything. It does not however name that God with any particular title other than being the one and only creator.

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