Monday, 1 September 2014

If I Was God: The Innocent Shall Live

As God I would ensure that innocent people no longer died unnecessarily waiting for justice in overcrowded and underfunded prisons and jails around the world.

If I was God I would use the fact that I am omniscient to make sure there was no miscarriages of justice again. I would make sure that innocent people never made it to prison.

I might even take it a step further and become judge, jury, and executioner for every single criminal case in the world.

God: OK. How busy are we today?
Clerk: Not too bad. Only 1,354 decisions needed.
God: Better get started. Whose first?
Clerk: Dave Benson, London, England. Charged with stabbing a man to death during a fight in a pub.
God: Don't continue. I already know what this is about. It was last Saturday. Dave Benson was there but not involved in the stabbing. He is free to go.
Clerk: Next is Samuel Peterson, Chicago, USA. Charged with murder.
God: Is this Samuel the elder or his son?
Clerk: Date of birth is June 4, 1980.
God: That is what I was afraid you would say. He is guilty. Shot a man in cold blood while stealing his iPhone.
Clerk: He's looking at the death penalty.
God: Well, an eye for an eye and all that.
Clerk: Alright then. Next is Franz Schmidt, Hamburg, Germany. Theft of a car.
God: Yes. He did it. Good taste in cars though. Note on his file there is a good chance of rehabilitation.
Clerk: Shall I order a pardon?
God: No. He must pay for his crime. Which sets him on the right path. And in 20 years time on his way home after volunteering at a homeless shelter he will see a small girl drowning and rescue her. She, in turn, goes on to be a brilliant surgeon and saves thousands of lives. And it is all thanks to the time Franz spends in prison.
Clerk: Unfortunately we can't all see into the future to know these things like you.
God: Very true. By the way take a different route home tonight if you know what I mean.
Clerk: Thanks. Will do.
God: OK. We will finish the rest after a short tea break.
Clerk: I'll get the biscuits.

Totally fair. Seeing and knowing everything in the past, present, and future means judgement can be fair and honest on each case. And most importantly - no more innocent people dying in, or even going to, prison.

Just do not expect me to waste my Godly time on traffic violations and parking tickets.

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