Tuesday, 2 September 2014

If I Was God: No To Discrimination

If you look at the Bible there was no discrimination until God created it.

The people started to build a tower, and the tower reached further and further into the sky. Then God said: "Whoa! What the heck do you think they are doing?" Seems God wasn't all that impressed that people had built a tower to Heaven.

So he scattered them all across the world and to make things more difficult he made them speak different languages; just so they wouldn't be able to build another tower to Heaven.

Since then it has got worse. Colour, religion, sex, nationality, and status are some of the many things people are now discriminated against.

But turn the clock back a few thousand years and let us change history and mankind forever; with your new and improved God making the decisions.

God: Hey you what do you think you are doing?
Man 2: Me?
God: No, not you. Well yes you are included but I didn't mean you.
Man 3: Did you mean me?
God: Yes. Well yes and no.
Man 3: Make up your mind.
Man 1: Sorry about that. Just laying that row of bricks before knocking-off time. So what can I do for you Gov'ner?
God: Stop building the tower.
Man 1: Like I said it is knocking-off time. So, no problem, and I'll see you first thing in the morning.
God: No. I mean stop building the tower altogether. Knock it down. Make way for a McDonalds.
Man 2: A what?
God: Never mind.
Man 1: So you want us to stop building this here tower. Why?
God: I don't want you in Heaven.
Man 1: That is all you had to say. Not a problem. First thing in the morning we'll have that down for you.
God: Good.
Man 1: OK lads that is it for today.
Man 2: Thank god.
God: You are welcome.
Man 3: As we haven't got to finish the tower how about we devise an international monetary system that is fair to all?
God: Or you could build another church.

All that was needed was clear communication. No need for scattering people. No need for confusing tongues. The world could be so much further ahead if language wasn't a barrier.

Who knows where the world would be with 7 billion people all talking the same language. There may have even been a solution to why the thing you are looking for is always in the last place you look. And if you check that last place in the first place it is never there.

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